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Eddie and the Misfits is a fangame that involves the main character, as well as the baddies of this game, Eddie the Black Bear. This character is also the principal mascot of the arcade and theater had a similar name.



He wears on the rubber suntan mask with apart from the muzzle up with ears of the mask, which has been melted apart, and the reason is unknown (this maybe came from an electrical fire), bulky black fur, red and white striped clothing that he does not wear on any time in-game. He still has the eyes but they are hidde3n in the darkness and two wires were being hungover from the right eye.


Eddie and the Misfits
Eddie and the Misfits

Main Nights: Eddie will try to achieve the goal that reaching your location to offend you or the Parts and Service room to destroy your system. If he comes near you, hold the red button next to the door to avoid him. If not, follow his location and submit the command signals to him not to allow him to come to the Parts and Service room.

Night 4 after-night mini-game: Eddie will come behind you, too much nearly and nearly, and to prevent him, use the button on the right to switch the light and press it until he leaves.

Conclusion Eddie and the Misfits:

The main character, Eddie, is the most significant element for Eddie and the Misfits. This one still has both loveliness and horror; this is an interesting game for who asks two above aspects in a game. We suggest for anybody who is the fan of Five Nights at Freddy’s should try at least once

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