DRAWKILL’D Download For Free

DRAWKILL’D, which is for free download here simply by a click, is made and developed by IAmFuntime who is a regular fan of the FNAF game. He decides to make his own game with the aim of bringing new and fantastic experiences.



In the game, you will have experience with monsters known “Drawkillers”. In fact, these monsters are capable of terrorizing a host’s dream and then make them become obsessed nightmares. Even experiences from pizzerias, for example, animatronic robots, have the ability to change heavenly dreams into frightening hellish nightmares. It is worth noting that once they are in, there is no way to get them back out. Nonetheless, something is possible to make this nightmare comes to the end.


If you want to get out of the nightmare, you must find out your “key to happiness” in order to use it to enter the code. In order to stay alive, you are forced to seal the doors once you see someone appearing at the ventilation or doorways. One noticeable thing is that if you shut the door down too early, they will sneak and try to hide from you. In addition, you own limited power. Therefore, you must find out your key as soon as you can.

Don’t hesitate to download DRAWKILL’D for free and get out of your nightmare at any cost.


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