Distorted Mind: The Other Fredbear’s Download For Free

Distorted Mind: The Other Fredbear’s is made and developed by SMGlee who is a regular fan of the FNAF series and wants to create and release his own game with the aim of bringing new and memorable experiences for the fan community. Get ready to download the game for free here.

Distorted Mind: The Other Fredbear's
Distorted Mind: The Other Fredbear’s

Essentially, the game is made as a fan game of another timeline of the original FNAF but its location and events will be customized. In this timeline, Fredbear’s will be the last pizzeria, and events such as the Fredbear’s bite will not take place.


For an unknown reason, Freddy’s Fazbear Pizza decided to open its door. It is worth noting that many children in the local found dead without any clues. No one knows who is the true murderer.

There have been many years after the event, a company spends an amount of money to buy all of the animatronics from Freddy with the goal of continuing to develop Freddy’s legacy. Finally, they created Fredbear’s. Nevertheless, something suddenly goes wrong, Fredbear’s has not opened its door and the animatronic characters are not finished. However, local citizens say that they sometimes hear some weird sounds. That is the reason why the company decides to hire you to work as a watchman on the night shift in order to keep the security.

What could happen to you next?

Feel free to download Distorted Mind: The Other Fredbear’s here.


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