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Dark Deception – another horror game anyone should try

Dark Deception


Dark Deception is launched as a first-person frightening maze game based on plot, and is launched from a combining impact between the authentic designer of DD’s and the author of TJOC: Story Mode

Dark Deception combines the fast-speed style of the traditional arcade game with the funny frightened designs. Stuck in the dark world with awful mazes and the terrible monsters, the sole exits are facing the darkness and handling to survive.

Carrying the investigation and survive in the first maze. Watch out! You will not be lonely and the monsters are finding you.

Game’s background:

Dark Deception
Dark Deception

The demo of the game was introduced in March 2014, and then it was improved in Unity. The demo concluded a sole level. Glowstick Entertainment intended to make Dark Deception as a completed frightened game, thus its Kickstarter page was implemented. The demo of this game on January 16th, 2015, concluded 2 levels

A trailer had been launched on Kickstarter, which stated that the completed game will be introduced in April 2015. Nonetheless, there were two issues appearing. The first problem is that the leader of the company, Mark Henderson had a negative discussion with the others in Vince Livings, and then they did not cooperate anymore. The second one is that there was not enough money to finish the project.

At the end of 2017, the game, one more time, was designed in Unreal Engine 4 by Vince, Nickson Sita, and Pen Livings. On September 27th, 2018, the first chapter of this game was published. On January 22nd, 2019, the second one was introduced and the third one was launched on June 24th in the same year.


The game concentrates on the main character, who realized themselves in Bierce’s Ballroom after implementing a deed. There, a woman with a name Bierce appeared, welcomed, and told them that if they desire to roll back the real world, they have to “suffer”. Alongside, she directs them the distant portals in which the players have to pick up numerous Soul Shards, the remnants of the souls, and then they can roll back the real world. Unluckily, those challenges are not easy to overcome, since the Shards are protected by the weird monster, and the boss, Malak, will prevent the main character from success.


  • Fast-speed frightened arcade: No locker to hide there. You have to run and run to save yourself. The opponents can be dazed and avoided, but not die.
  • Power System: Collect XP and open powers when you enhance that will permit you to even the rates and longer survive against terrible entities
  • High Quality: AAA-quality graphics and distant design supply the players numerous weird and awful worlds and the opponents to survive.
  • Hazardous Environments: Not only the opponents are dangerous, the mazes contains traps, hazards and other risks that you need to be careful
  • Unique Enemies: Each nightmare shows a weird entity that has its own unique Al. Players need to change the tactics flexibly to survive.
  • Dark Humor: Despite horror element, Dark Deception also contains the dark humorous aspects.

Download Dark Deception now to overcome the challenges and roll back the real world. You must be extremely surprised by the detailed graphics and the interesting story that you will spend hours enjoying it. This game cannot make you disappointed!


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