Circus Baby’s Diner Download For Free

Circus Baby’s Diner is a cool horror fan game with similarities to FNaF: Sister Location. Play like a part-time watchman and you should look after the building carefully!

Circus Baby's Diner
Circus Baby’s Diner

Circus Baby’s Diner – A survival game

It’s entirely free to download! But, it’s not easy to win!

Work at a dark diner as a security guard your mission is to supervise the location, block robbers. Especially, you must keep an eye on wandering robots. They look like scary animatronic mascots in FNaF games.

Circus Baby’s Diner is formed on Baby’s Pizza World from Sister Location and FNaF 1. Therefore, it can contain a lot of dangerous secrets.

Everything is surrounded by darkness and you cannot flee easily.

While being trapped in the office, you should manipulate every device to protect you from annoying killer machines.

It’s essential to stay alive at the moment your night shift ends or you will lose!

Are you longing to challenge your survivability? Embark on Circus Baby’s Diner and you can check it immediately! There are lots of dangers and you have to stop jumpscares from happening in front of your eyes. A good strategy at the proper time will allow you to survive longer. Have fun!


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