Chica Simulator Download For Free

Chica Simulator is designed to be an interesting horror game that centers around Chica, one of the familiar characters from the official Five Nights At Freddy’s. If you are a fan of Chica and want to have more new experience with it, don’t miss this game for any reason.

Chica Simulator
Chica Simulator

Animatronic robots are one of the main attractions of the FNAF series. It leads to the release of fan-games that is designed specifically for each character. And this game is the same. It focuses on the story of Chica.

In this game, you also take the role of a nightguard who will try his best to survive the attack of Chica. Your mission is to check and monitor the camera system in your office, observe every corner to make sure everything, including Chica, is in proper use. However, if Chica kills the night guard first, you will lose the game.

There are some playable characters for you to pick from the beginning of the game, including Chica, Toy Chica, Withered Chica, Nightmare Chica, and some more. Let’s get started to select and play with your favorite animatronics.

Unlike many other fan-made games of the FNAF, this game comes along with fun and interesting music sounds instead of horrible ones. But you also have to notice that the game contains a lot of jumpscares that can make you jump.

Don’t hesitate to download Chica Simulator for free here and enjoy it.



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