CASE: Animatronics Demo

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CASE: Animatronics Demo will definitely bring players a truly frightening first-person stealth horror game in which you will play the role of Detective Bishop who has to find any way to survive.

CASE: Animatronics Demo
CASE: Animatronics Demo


The story takes place in the police department in which you, John Bishop will work as a detective. You know that if you work late, this can lead to a serious and tragic result. You now perform your investigation until the late night. However, after a weird dream, you wake up after hearing a mysterious call from your old “friend”.

You find yourself in your police department but without electricity. It is worth noting that the security system is hacked and all exists has been locked.  However, this is not your real challenge. Something weird is happening around you and someone is tracking you. Someone has red eyes and is made out of steel. That’s terrible! Let’s get started to discover what is occurring and remember that no one can hear you scream. Protect yourself if needed.


  • You will have a tablet to check the security camera. The environment of the police department is the key for you.
  • Hide & Sneak: Make use of cabinets and closets in order to sneak.
  • Dangerous animatronics.
  • Discover the police department to find out the explanation. Pay attention to listen to the world surrounding as well as notice changes.

Get ready to download CASE: Animatronics Demo for free and continue to explore your fate.


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