Bubba’s Diner (Non-glitchy version) Download For Free

Bubba’s Diner (Non-glitchy version) is a frightening game as known as another Five Nights at Freddy fangame. As it was introduced, it was attracted many downloads by the experienced player due to the improvement that makes the appearance look more detailed.

In this game, you will play a role as an assiduous employee of the Bubba’s Diner restaurant, which is already opened. Your name is Edward Clark. You are responsible for the security of your restaurants at midnight, and you will discover the secret issue and the animatronics of your restaurant.


There will be four animatronics. The first one is Bubba, an animatronic bear, next is Mr. Giggle, a white rabbit, the third one is Porkpatch, it is a pig, and the final one is Smiley, a black bunny. They are warlike and intend to attack anyone they see. In two nights at the restaurant, you have to repair the broken items and handle with some puzzles.

Bubba's Diner
Bubba’s Diner

While playing Bubba’s Diner (Non-glitch version), you will not apply the cameras as Five Nights at Freddy’s. Instead, the phone is the key to survival. Besides, you could use the functions as the door or the switch when the animatronics come near to you.


Bubba’s Diner (Non-glitchy version) is a fan-made frightening game that every player who plays Five Nights at Freddy’s should try. We all believe that you will get a whole fresh experience.

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