Bonnie Simulator Download For Free

This time players will play the game called Bonnie Simulator Free Download For PC version of Freddy’s family. It’s another version of Freddy’s but this time we’ll use the map to explore each room. The intimidation from scary bears will make you feel curious and interested in different rooms without being able to take your eyes off the game.

In this version, players will have the skills to attack those scary bears without hiding and running again. This is interesting, increasing the user interaction with the game.



Bonnie Simulator is fan game version that really attracted as well as achieved the effects and received positive responses from the Five Nights at Freedy’s games geeks. This game that challenges your fear every second and you’ll have to use your wits to escape from these scary rooms.


Bonnie Simulator
Bonnie Simulator


Remember, don’t let the robots catch you. Escape the room the smartest way. With vivid graphics, the improved content is far more appealing and the sound scary. Certainly Bonnie Simulator is the version that will not disappoint you.

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