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BLACKOUT-MINDS is where you will have unforgettable experiences with a lot of interesting things. The game takes ideas from the FNAF series, one of the best horror games all over the world. If you are excited about the unofficial game, feel free to download the game here.



In this game, you will be engulfed in a terrible story which occurs when a prestigious inventor mysteriously disappeared at his own place. Moreover, his family is ruined. The special thing is that his legacy and restaurant are left of this but no one can know accurately what happened to him. Currently, William Smith’s family is forced to find out the way in order to continue to exist while they must face adversities after the inventor’s disappearance.

Now, the only option for him is to plan to prepare, revive, and then re-open the restaurant one more time. Nonetheless, he does not take care of himself. And you will put yourself into the shoes of the only brother of William and is an ex-worker of Fazbear’s Fright. What you have to do is to continue to investigate and find out clues related to the Jester in Red.

BLACKOUT-MINDS makes sure to well please you at first sight. If you are willing to enjoy this game, download it for free here.

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