Anime Location Download For Free

Anime Location is a creepy FNAF based arcade fan game free for download. Face scary toys and you must stop them from getting close or you will be killed!

Anime Location

Anime Location Download For Free
Anime Location Download For Free

The latest version is available and playable. Aside from DEMO, we now have another update titled Alpha 2.

Further, jumpscares of antagonists are also special. They are not for entertainment. But, they are lethal attacks ending up your life.

Remember that it is a horror game! So, don’t judge animatronic rivals in appearance! Otherwise, you will die without knowing the reason.

It looks like another parody of Five Nights at Freddy’s. Hence, you need to care for defending yourself from those killer robots. All of them are haunted and possessed by unrest souls.

Try to take advantage of every device so as to prevent them from approaching your seat! Otherwise, you will receive a painful death.

Note! Opponents will be able to wander throughout areas in the building where you trapped. How can you keep track of their moves? Keep in mind that each of them has different movement patterns!

Anime Location is a terrifying FNaF inspired fan-made game with unique gameplay and storyline. Shall you stay alive and escape? Good luck!

*Comming Soon*


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