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After Hours is one of the most enjoyable fan games of the original FNAF. It promises to bring the players many and many interesting experiences with its own impression. Let’s get started to download the game for free here.

After Hours
After Hours


The game sets in Freddy Fazbear Pizza in which engineers work with the key aim of realism. They attempt to bring for the animatronic consciousness although they have unbelievable voices and animation. After many years, they decide to extend their boundaries by running machinery, weapons, and unlocking doors.


Open world

The whole world in the game is discovered completely in a third-person view. You are able to wander around the restaurant. You can walk around the restaurant, terrorize the watchman, play together with power, or else you can even uncover the small town of Redbury, Ohio.

You play the role of animatronics

You will take control of the animatronics. You are able to move them, drive cars, fix yourself, and so on. You also are allowed to convert between Bonnie, Foxy, Chica, And Freddy anytime you want.

Mission-based story

You can move around the restaurant and even the town, communicate with other people, robots in order to complete subtasks, buy endoskeleton upgrades, unlock many items, and more.

Criminal hunting

You can hunt down criminals in Redbury by making use of criminal databases. If you can catch them and report them to the police, you will get a reward.

Don’t hesitate to download After Hours for free and enjoy it right now


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