Abandoned: Discovery Island

Abandoned: Discovery Island is an interesting game that is seen as a product that revives Five Nights at Treasure Island. Download the free game for your device today to explore in more detail.

Abandoned: Discovery Island
Abandoned: Discovery Island

About Abandoned: Discovery Island

In the game, you will play as an intern for SSA. They give you a mission: spend the night overseeing Treasure Island, an abandoned Disney resort. But not everything is going as normal and you are the one to uncover those mysteries.

In fact, this game is inspired by Prime’s then-unreleased revival. You need to get a job because your family is falling apart.

Even if it’s just two people: you and your dad. You decide to get an internship for SSA and have to spend a week in an abandoned Disney resort staff building.

Besides, several other characters have been planned for the game, as well as changes to existing characters and mechanics to bring you interesting experiences during gameplay.

Download Abandoned: Discovery Island for free and experience the game today.


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