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1983 is one of the rare horror Five Nights at Freddy’s fan games downloadable for all ages. Take control of a security guard and fight against numerous animatronic hostiles for survival!


The gameplay inside 1983

It is not only the title but also the time that newer incidents will happen in a local vintage restaurant. It is the year that you become a watchman and work a dangerous night shift.

  • Aside from the task assigned by the manager, you are joining another challenge. It revolves around defending your life from a lethal gang.
  • So, you are going to encounter a diverse cast spanning from FNaF games. They are mascots and their bodies are possessed by unknown souls.
  • They are Fredbear, Bonnie the bunny, Freddy Fazbear, Chica the chicken, Shadow Bear, and Fixed Foxy the fox. They have unique movement patterns. Pay attention to that to deal with them easier!
  • After opening the office, you can begin to battle.
  • Via camera screens of the surveillance system, you are able to see them. However, a few items are failed.
  • Remember to block those scary enemies from invading your room and complete other objectives carefully! If you face jumpscares, it means that you can’t continue.

Download FNaF 1983 for free and you can point or click your way! Nevertheless, every action should occur reasonably. Even, you are recommended to interact with every device and even parts of those robots strategically. Have you prepared to solve every trouble and stay alive at 6 AM each night? Good luck!


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